As it has always been, the health & safety of our guests and team members remains our highest priority.

As before, our focus is on quality and enriched experiences for you in an authentic and sustainable way.

This position is strengthened by the outbreak in 2020 and, moving forward, plays an even stronger role in all tours we create for our customers.

We are constantly updating our protocols following the health crisis in 2020 and are very happy to keep you informed throughout.

We have a detailed plan to do so, issued below.

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Covid-19 & General Virus Spreading Prevention

This document has been compiled by Experience North Ltd (parent company to Newcastle Tour Company / Liverpool Tour Company) as a working document and transparent reference point for our customers, staff, directors, suppliers & authorities to disclose and demonstrate awareness, procedure, principles and action.

Experience North Ltd recognises their responsibility to ensure that staff & suppliers (as well as guests) comply with health & safety legislation and maximise the safety of our clients & staff in relation to Covid-19.

In brief, we are making sure that all vehicles are cleaned to the highest standards, that all staff are trained (and re-trained when emerging or evolving information determines) and are provided with the right knowledge and equipment to carry out their duties effectively. Our new protocols to keep you healthy during our tours include (full details available below):

  • flexible booking options
  • self-check checklist before you travel
  • full sanitation/cleaning of all our vehicles used
  • social distancing rules & guidelines for walking tours
  • Visor equipment for our guides (to keep you safe but also be able to see the smiles on our guides’ faces)
  • complete staff & guide training to implement new protocols

The result is a sanitised attraction but certainly not a sanitised experience! You are here to enjoy our fabulous regions, discover new places & experience an authentic destination. We believe that our new introductions to hygiene/cleaning will allow you to enjoy your visit to the max.

We feel it vitally important to have a strict cleaning protocol in place and that this is transparent. You can view & read our detailed plans in full, here (this will open in a new window within Experience North Ltd website).