Update On Our Newcastle Tours In Early 2021

Grainger Town Brexit Tour


We have a fantastic array of new tours within our Newcastle tours selection to show off and for you to explore! Our walking tours have been enhanced – from our signature Best of Newcastle Walking Tour right through to our walking tour in Durham (which can now be booked beginning in Newcastle (just a 15 minute train ride away)).

We have added new tours into the mix – take a look at our all new pub tour of Newcastle or our Stories That Shocked Tyneside walking tour for example… Also, brand new for 2021, is our Sunderland walking tour taking in the heart of the city as well as the riverside and National Glass Centre.



The current pandemic has, across the world, proven a major obstacle and caused pauses in operations across the tourism sector. 

In the UK we have announced on 04 January 2021 that we are moving into a third lockdown until late February. It comes to no surprise that we also have extended the pause to our tours in early 2021 until April. 

You can book tours from March onwards and all tours include extensive booking/cancellation policies to give you peace of mind. 


Newcastle Central Station during Newcastle Pub Tour

We are using this time wisely (we hope!) to update our websites, add one or two more tours and get ready to welcome you, our customers, again from March 2021 onwards.

We can’t wait to get back to some form of normality as we have so much to show you!! Any questions, ask us anytime! We are here for you.

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